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Flat Tire Repairs

Flat Tire Repair in Denver, CO

On average, tires go through millions of revolutions before wearing out. This speaks greatly of the ingenuity of humankind, but it also means your tires will face many road hazards throughout their lifespan. Chances are high that you'll get a flat tire at some point. The good news is that you may be able to save it. However, it's important that you seek your flat tire repair service from a professional, responsible auto repair shop.

Not all flat tires can be saved, and improper tire repair puts you, your passengers, and other drivers in danger.

How Should a Flat Tire Be Repaired?

A flat tire should always be removed from the wheel and given a close inspection. This is because small objects like nails often cause damage to the sidewall that can't be seen unless the tire is removed. Flat tire repair is not something that should be experimented with for safety reasons. When you need a flat tire repair, let a trained professional perform your service.

When is it Safe to Repair a Flat Tire?

Whether or not a flat tire can be safely repaired depends on where the puncture is located and how wide it measures. It is only safe to repair puncture damage if it occurs in the center of your tire's tread area and is no larger than ¼ inch (6mm).

Tire Repair in Denver, CO

When is a tire irreparable?

Keep in mind:

  • Shoulder and sidewall damage are irreparable
  • Multiple punctures located across from one-another are irreparable
  • Overlapping damage cannot be safely repaired
  • Tires with 2/32 tread remaining should not be repaired

Don't listen to anyone who tells you every tire can be saved. Improper or unsafe repairs can be deadly. Guidelines exist to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your passengers and fellow drivers.

How does Redco Tire, Inc. Repair Flat Tires?

At Redco Tire, Inc., we perform tire repairs following approved practices from the Tire Industry Association (TIA). Our professionals will:

  • Dismount your flat tire from its wheel
  • Inspect the outside and inside of your flat tire
  • Remove foreign objects and damaged material
  • Fill the void with rubber
  • Seal the inner liner with a repair unit

If we decide your damaged tire is irreparable, we'll let you know immediately and help you choose a replacement tire from our selection. It might not be the news you want to hear, but it is our practice to make sure you leave our tire and auto repair shop safe. Many times, flat tires can be saved and our team will make sure the repairs are done according to industry best practices.

How Effective is a Tire Plug?

A tire plug is an on-the-wheel repair and should be viewed as a temporary solution. Because nails, glass shards, and other road hazards can cause severe damage to your sidewall that can be hidden from normal view, it's important to have your tire taken off the rim and checked completely as soon as possible. In addition, tire plugs do not permanently seal the inner liner of your tire, meaning it's only a matter of time before more problems start.

How Effective is a Tire Patch?

A tire patch is another temporary solution. An object that penetrates your tire will leave behind a void that a tire patch can't fill. If left alone, water can enter your tire and corrode the steel belts.

Tire Repair in Denver, CO

Unexpected tire damage never happens at a convenient time or in a convenient location. If you’ve ever been faced with tire damage, whether it be a puncture, or something else, you understand the frustration and annoyance it can cause. Call (303) 296-4404 and request proper tire repair at Redco Tire, Inc.. Our specialists repair tires for customers across Denver, CO, Commerce City, CO, and Westminster, CO, and surrounding areas. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our services have got you covered.

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